MD crab soup and the wings are soooo super good !!
This is our favorite restaurant. The food is excellent and they treat you like family. Love you guyts!
I was trying to get a manager on the phone... I was hung up on twice. Extremely unprofessional
Would be nice to see a menu on the site. What kind of a restaurant doesn't have a menu on the website? Duh!
Brought a chicken sub and lasagne to day cold rang her up to tell her she told me to heat it up in the ovenue
We just had my husband’s 70th Birthday dinner/party there. The food is superb & personnel perfect!! Thank you goes great evening!!!
This place was not good. My sausage and veggies was all dried. Out from cutting the sausage into little slices. The gluten free menu was nonexistent, you had to figure it out on your own. The tea is not homemade, it's a mixture from the soda machine. The only reason 2 stars is my husband did enjoy his veal sub.
No nutritional information?
Excellent food! Headed there now.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the products were their own, considering they stole everything from J&P of Hanover (menu, pictures, logo, etc.) There in no authenticity in this place. Oscar and Jean are liars and thieves. Coming from a regular of J&P and knowing the true story.
Great food and great prices!